Sciensano, the Belgian institute for health, is responsible for the epidemiological follow-up of the COVID-19 epidemic in collaboration with its partners and other healthcare actors. The data collected can provide insight into the dynamics of the epidemic, help to anticipate different scenarios and to elaborate possible measures to curb the spread of the virus.

From 31 March, Sciensano will make a set of data available to interested parties on a daily basis. This information is a support for decision making in the control of the epidemic. To achieve its mission, Sciensano has reinforced or set up different surveillance systems thanks to the participation of health professionals.

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Data are updated on a regular basis and available in Excel, csv and json formats.

Complete dataset Excel
Confirmed cases by date, age, sex and province csv json
Cumulative number of confirmed cases by municipality csv json
Confirmed cases by date and municipality csv json
Hospitalisations by date and provinces csv json
Mortality by date, age, sex, and region of death csv json
Vaccinated people deceased before 2022 by region, age group, sex, and last dose received csv json
Total number of tests by date csv json
Administered vaccines by date, region, age, sex, brand and dose csv json
Administered vaccines by week, municipality, age and dose csv json
Confirmed case, hospitalisation and death rates among nursing home residents by week and region/community csv json

Historical datasets

Previous datasets remain available on the following page.


A description of the variables is available in the codebook. (Version: 2022-09-19)

Data Request

Notes: Requests for data that are not owned by Sciensano should be addressed to the actual data owner. Due to high demand and limited resources, Sciensano is obliged to limit the scope of data requests it is able to process. This procedure only applies to requests in the context of official (subject to peer review) scientific research. Media-associated requestors are invited to address their specific request to .

Requests for private and non-research purposes, as well as incomplete and unclear requests, will not be processed.

Obtaining access to additional data